Four top styles for the custom pencil boxes

Amazing styling option or the custom pencil boxes

Pencils teach the way to write to your children and attract them to read and write, and you need high-quality stationery products. Parent choice is much more intelligent and based on quality. So, the stationery brands need to pay much more importance to products like pencils, erasers, and sharpeners. 

Among all these products, the pencil is one of the most selling product as the usability of the pencils are much more than other products. So, the pencil brands need to pay more attention to the way their pencils are displayed. Ordinary displays of the packaging just diminish the worth of the products, and therefore the retailers place such products behind the well-displayed products. 

In this context, a few amazing styling options are discussed in detail to let the pencil makers know how they can turn their simple pencil packaging boxes into a masterpiece of art that would become incredible for every viewer. Most of the time, parents purchase amazingly displayed pencil products just to enhance the interest of their child in writing. So, the auspicious packaging options facilitate brands in encouraging such parents.  

Two-piece boxes with separate lid

One of the sophisticated types of pencil packaging is the two-piece box that has a separate lid. The plain display with the amazingly designed logo looks really beautiful. However, if these pencil boxes are prepared with rigid material, then the outlook of these packaging solutions becomes more adorable and luxurious. The 2-piece boxes serve both purposes of protection and presentation in one go. Therefore, it is the only reason for selecting the custom pencil boxes for the pencils.  

However, the rigid material also facilitates brands in reducing the wastage cost as the stiffness of the rigid material can easily bear the tearing of the loading, unloading, and crowded shelf environment. The two-piece construction also enhances the additional protection of the packaging. 

Moreover, when you select the custom pencil packaging options, then you are not restricted to choosing any material as the custom options allow the clients to choose any packaging material as per their packaging purposes. There are three main types of packaging material that are widely used for pencil packaging boxes.

  • The cardboard material caters to all retail display purposes.
  • The corrugation sheets are much more robust than the cardboard sheets.
  • Kraft material is a good choice for those who need green packaging. 

All other materials are then constructed by using these three basic materials like the rigid material is made from the cardboard sheets, but the pt. of this material is many times more than the simple cardboard sheets. A mixture of cardboard and corrugation material made the more strong material that is termed the cardboard-corrugated material. However, these are just the variations, but the main material is only three that are discussed above. 

Custom sleeve boxes for the pencil

If you wish to grant appealing touch to the outlook of your pencils, then the sleeve shape boxes are one of the amazing options for the brands. A drawer-style box endows an amazing impact on the customer at the time of opening the pencil case. However, the pencils also look managed inside the custom sleeve pencil boxes. If you want to glorify the look of this packaging solution, then you can use the custom printing options. 

These options allow the pencil brands to annex their brand-related details on the boxes. Such brand information may include the following typographic points. 

  • The brand name into a stylish font
  • The logo of the brand with amazing colors
  • The symbols, seals, and other details 
  • Tagline and slogans to entice the audience 

These are not the only printable options, but each and everything that a brand needs to print would be printed on these boxes. That’s the reason it is advised for brands to pick the custom printed pencil boxes for their pencil packaging. 

When the sleeve style is mixed with the amazing printing options, it will result in a better and magnificent display. This is the only reason brands select custom sleeve packaging solutions for their pencil products

Pencil boxes with die-cut window

Sometimes the products inspire a lot of customers at the retail counters, and such products that are inspiring for the audience are displayed at the point of sales and point of purchase. These positions ultimately escalate the product sale as, at these points, the product gets more customer impressions. So, the custom pencil window boxes are considered the best option. 

The construction of these boxes is quite unique and more innovative than the simple pencil cases. A die-cut window is first created on the box with the help of dies, and then the transparent PVC sheets are pasted on it; this sheet is to protect pencils from the external environment like moisture. However, the transparent sheet allows the viewers to observe their pencil quality even from inside the box. 

The window looks more impressive if the pencils are colorful and beautiful enough to grab the attention of the viewers. However, the annexation of the window is only possible for the custom pencil boxes as the premade boxes are made on standard dimensions, not on custom. 

Five-panel hanger packaging for pencils

Supermarkets have a lot of space for hanging products, and pencil brands can use the technique by using the hanging boxes. The customization of the packaging allows the pencil manufacturer to adopt the boxes that have hanging options. So, a wonderful packaging option is here that is named five-panel hanger boxes for pencils. 

These boxes are designed for hanging purposes, and they contain a small hanger cut on their top. These boxes are constructed in the form of five panels, and due to this, it is termed the five-panel hanger. However, to boost the look of these pencil boxes, you are allowed to add die-cuts, windows, printings, and anything you need to see on it.  

Final words

The designs that are discussed in the article are best for the pencil packaging, and by using these styles with brand-specific customization, you can create a difference. However, to make the custom packaging cost-efficient, it is required to go for the custom pencil boxes wholesale. These are available at low prices because of the bulk quantity.